My name is Andrew Iwersen.
I'm a student of the mediums. My interest spans from photography to graphic design,
from film to television, from literature to poetry. This site contains my attempts at
those, an infusion of my interests. The result is a work of my passion. Most of what
you'll see on here is my fine art photography, however I have done some portrait work
as well (which will probably make its way up on this site in the near future). If you
like what you see, tell me. If you don't, well I already know I have a lot more to
learn. Either way, thanks for taking the time to

look at it.


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comments. But feel free to send comments about what you like, inquiries about
purchasing high-quality prints, wanting to hire the artist for some work, or questions
about usage rights to the above email address.  Hate mail should go to:



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